Personal Branding Photoshoot in Santa Monica, California at Fairmont Miramar Hotel with Joanna Turner

A woman like Joanna Turner needs little introduction, having taken the Healthy, Wealthy + Visible with Joanna Turner brand and RUN with it like angels were heralding her from behind while hopping from continent to continent, mastering transformational coaching and serving a full calendar of clients, I think it is easy to see that Joanna has elegantly taken her well deserved place among the young divine leaders of our time. As kind as she is effortlessly chic and as thoughtful as she is nuts & bolts, it is women like Joanna who remind me that this beautiful life is one we get to author moment by moment and what we dream can be made so at the call of our desires


Personal Branding Photoshoot in Venice, California with Erika Sheffer

Gutsy, Embolden, Fun, Erika Sheffer is a millennial on a mission. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs design standout brands & knockout businesses, her way of doing business is to be a knockout, standout entrepreneur leveraging her spunky moment to moment directness, her Latina sex appeal and no holding back ability to flash a smile a mile wide and 1000 watts bright along with a cut to the chase nugget of business know how. Having discovered the courage and direction to break free from a how it SHOULD be done to a how to do it with heart, soul and originality, Erika‘s passion and purpose is poised to serve you finding your own clear path to fulfilling your own unique big desires and dreams.


Personal Branding Photoshoot in Santa Monica, California with Heather Wilson

I could easily have posted the glam to end all glam image or the natural Balinese beauty photo or the Polynesian Princess shot of Heather Rebecca Wilson in Santa Monica and this magic moment felt so right for a woman of such heart and vibrancy. Heather Wilson brings the bright shining light of awareness to how we can leverage and learn from our cultural differences. Not to mention this woman will have you at “Hello”, effortless to connect with, to laugh with and to get deep with. Heather is an epic example of how welcoming all aspects to the whole makes this World a much finer place to be!



Personal Branding Photoshoot at Palihouse in Santa Monica, California with Joanna Green

Joanna Green is unlike any woman I have ever met; a light worker, angelic sorceress, iconically stylish, totally relevant to this moment and cosmically a part of all. Joanna is such a clean bright vessel that transmission is as familiar to her as breathing. I’m so impressed with this woman whose grace and direction are as sharp as her branding. She sparks, she inspires, she opens your head & shakes up your beliefs, gives you real-world business how to all and cracks a joke about Rainbow Bright all in the same time it takes most of us to blink. I can’t wait to see what miracles your mischief makes Ms. Joanna and thank you for trusting ME with capturing your branding baby. Absolute Magic.


Personal Branding Photoshoot at Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California with Holly A. Abell

When a woman like Holly A. Abell works it, and I mean really works it by taking the lid off whatever fears or uncertainties are holding her back, works it by not stopping short of all in, works it by delighting in her true desires, she becomes magnetic and the whole of the universe aligns to fulfill on her purpose. Holly, as faceted, brilliant and real as a diamond, is navigating with remarkable brightness and joy her own heroine’s journey. Approachable, playful and aligned with her purpose, Holly is taking this miraculous journey to success one glorious moment at a time and reveling in the beauty of each.


Personal Branding Photoshoot in Malibu, California with Dawn Grossart

There is power and joy inherent to a woman living on purpose. One who is trusting the divine pull of the Universe and willing to cross mountains and oceans to heed it. Dawn Grossart has that kind of purpose, that kind of power and that kind of joy. Her joy is warm-hearted and thoughtful, her purpose is adventurous and bold and her power lies in the marriage of those two. Whether you connect with her in a Italian Villa or on a climb up Mt. Everest, you can assume her attention will be one that leaves you feeling championed and empassioned. Let Dawn lead you up your own Mt. Everest and trust that she will be a most effective guide


Personal Branding Photoshoot in Ocean Beach, San Francisco with Shana James

I remember when I first met Shana James being absolutely awed by her. I was in my early 30s and devouring transformational work like it was fresh water in the desert. Shana at the time, in her even earlier 30s was not only living, breathing, teaching about authenticity, together with a small group of friends had founded one of SF’s most recognizable programs at the time, Authentic World and the Authentic Woman Experience. Her contribution was to creating honest, real connecting relating between men and women. Her magic then and now is equal parts, her vulnerability, her no-holds-barred clarity of purpose and her dark brown eyes and curly haired sexiness. Today, she is taking all that power and prowess and showing men who seem to have it all figured out in every realm but the relationship one how they can be as confident, direct and winning with women as they are in the boardroom. Seriously wow!!


Personal Branding Photoshoot in Sonoma, California with Erin Dubich

Loveable. Adventurous. Hot. Free. Bold. Open. Contagious Enthusiasm. If you have met Erin Dubich, you’ll know that I could go on and on and on. The magic of this positively wonderful woman is her ability to drop in immediately to her core desired feeling and like a magnet pull all others in to meet her. As capable of helping you to sculpt your tight booty as she is of leading you to make food choices that work as she is of inspiring a room full of young women to live full out now to intuiting exactly the words that increase your resonance with magic, Erin is designed to bring big, bold and lasting results to women young and older who have the pleasure of working with her. Erin, your light is so bright, your generosity so big, the world is a more fun place because of your willingness to live boldly! Thank you!