Personal Branding Photoshoot with Marie Commiskey in San Francisco, California

It is a particular kind of honor when another photographer asks you to take their photograph. When Marie Commiskey, whose gorgeous Work captures the divine expressed through women, reached out to me with the privilege of capturing the divine expressed as her, I was overjoyed. Marie is the kind of healing priestess who works on you by just being her. Her depth of softness and kindness and presence is hypnotic. Her brightness and optimism and all-is-right-with-the-worldness is contagious and as consistent as summer following spring. Marie is on the kind of magical journey that is stuff of heroines and legends, which she is easily a bit of both. Find her along the way and be enchanted, it is impossible to not.


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Personal Branding Photoshoot with Lara Parrish in Santa Monica, California

Lara Parrish is tenacious, inspired and putting her momentum where her mouth is. A brass tacks, tell it like it is southern belle with the kind of playful optimism that continues to have her every dream be miraculously fulfilled as she dreams it. Sparkly, sexy and with a smile that melts hearts, Lara is living up to putting the fun back into just about everything. Some may say she’s a dreamer and it pays off. Lara grateful to have been a part of your bright , cold and colorful journey.


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Personal Branding Photoshoot with Cindi Grace in Paso Robles, California

It’s not everyday that you have the gift of a woman like Cindi Grace in your life. Graceful, gracious, born of grace, it would be too easy to riff on how perfectly her name suits her disposition and it would not quite hit the nail on the head to all of her genius. As visionary as she is organized as much a lover of the spontaneous as she is of systems, Cindi Grace is a woman who chooses as Marianne Williamson recommends “to be pushed forward gently by angels instead of taking the bull by the horns” Cindi Grace is the woman you want when you are headed into uncharted territory and someone has to act as cartographer, she’s been there and she knows how best to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Kick back with this beauty, have a glass of wine and let her show you the possibilities.


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Personal Branding Photoshoot With Nisha Moodley in San Francisco, California

Nisha, oh my gorgeous Nisha where do I begin. I imagined this preview to be accompanied by an open love letter and I realize that I’m dumb-founded where to begin. If I was to even begin to do you the service that I know you deserve it would be to start by talking about the women that you serve, the ambitious to make global change, deeply spiritual, successful, smart and awake women who have chosen you to lead. I would mention how in each time we work together, your home and the daily moments of your life have always been a partner in our photoshoots, that the details of each moment of your life are an artful celebration of beauty and always occur to me as a full volume expression of your ever blooming mind and spirit. Nisha, your brave devotion to living the full range of what life offers authentically and openly and with a courageous heart is unsurpassed. I feel honored to capture YOU living, loving and leading each day. Whether caring for your business, your home, your friends, your heart or your spirit, your care and devotion is the stuff that the Angels herald. Thank you for never holding back. Thank you for being an unbounded YES to all of it, even the stuff you’d “rather not thank you very much”. Thank you for embodying and redefining sisterhood for a new generation. In love, Wendy.

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Personal Branding Photoshoot with Lisa Baker in London, UK

Weddings are a moment in time when as a couple you get to create your own unique culture of Love. Lisa Baker is the choreographer of the culture and ensures that the full impact of joy is felt from the moment the invites are sent to the moment when the final guests say good night. As the founder at Just Bespoke Wedding Consultancy, Lisa helps smart and happy couples create a perfectly orchestrated celebration of them and their love. Stylish, generous and driven to have each detail be a wonderful and beautiful gift, it is no surprise that an afternoon spent with Lisa will be unaccountable fun, filled with laughter and will leave you having fallen in love with possibility. Sit down, have a spot of tea and dream about your own epic day with her, you will feel that much more buoyant and alive.


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Personal Branding Photoshoot with Karen Knowler in London, UK


I have the incredible privilege of working with movement makers, paradigm shifters and international influencers. For well over a decade, Karen Knowler has been all 3. She was THE ONE to start talking raw food revolution well before it was hip and juice bars were as popular as coffee shops. Now Karen is at the forefront of a group women who are making waves showing others how to live in alignment with their values while earning a great living doing work that they love. A force to be reckoned with when it comes to living by her ideals, everything about Karen‘s brand from her vegan leather pants to her cruelty-free cosmetics to her where she will happily cozy up and enjoy a gourmet meal is all vegan, all cruelty-free and all high vibration. Her practices positively divined from eons before of being a bridge between living species and a guardian to those that can not defend themselves, Karen is one those extraordinary women who continues to evolve while synthesizing and articulating it all for other to find their own seeds of growth and inspiration. In honor and in love Karen!


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Personal Branding Photoshoot with Jan Lawry in London, UK

Jan Lawry is joy and light incarnate. I know it sounds cliche and if you have the pleasure of meeting this deeply kind and compassionate woman you will know how absolutely spot on it is. Here is the part that will make you silly with appreciation; together with her heart of the pure kindness, Jan has translated what was arguable one of the most difficult experiences in her life into a thriving business shepherding individual & families through their most confusing and challenging time. The magic of Jan Lawry is that she so successful serves and still is a woman of who prioritizes pleasure and play and adventure. Spunky in the most fabulously contagious way. Jan it was a most fabulously adventurous and fun day spent with you in London. Honored to be part of your life and your journey!


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