I get it! I have been there. Truthfully, it’s a marvel to me that this is my life today and what most people don’t know is that there were MANY times when I assumed photography might not be the path for me. 

I used to spend the majority of my days and time tethered to my laptop thrilled if I could earn enough to not worry about paying my rent or if I had 4 or 5 shoots in a month, 4 or 5 opportunities irregardless of what they paid to do the work that brought me joy, called on my creativity and that I felt enlivened by. When I wasn’t behind a camera, I was slogging along praying for someone to hire me. I got to a point in 2011 when I became so frustrated with struggling to earn a consistent living sustainably that I nearly threw in the towel. I was ready to give up on being a photographer because it felt impossible to succeed and yet when I envisioned my future, being a photographer was still my dream career. 

I decided it was make or break time and started learning everything I could about succeeding in business, attracting my ideal clients and refining my skills.

Thank GOD I didn’t give up!!! When I decide to give it my all, I discovered that not only was photography my dream career, it could provide me with a life beyond my wildest dreams.

For years I dreamt of having my career take me out of my office and into the world. But the truth is, I NEVER imagined it would look like this. That I would spend weeks at a time living in global cities like Paris, London, Florence, Sydney, NY, LA and Miami. That my work would take me to Ibiza, Provence, St. Tropez, Tulum, Panama, from the beautiful Pacific Northwest to New England, the Rockie Mountains and countless other places.


Today, I spend over 30 weeks of the year exploring the places of my choosing and on average am shooting 8-10 days a month charging top dollar and still able to overdeliver. I have a killer team to handle the work that used to keep me tethered to my laptop and I want to share with you how I got here!

I nearly gave up my DREAM career, because I was just so tired of:

  • Struggling to find clients, or earn a consistent income as a photographer
  • Spending countless hours on conversations with prospects… that didn’t result in sales
  • Feeling uncertain about how to price & value what I offered
  • Spending countless hours behind my laptop instead of behind my camera and not knowing what to do to find clients
  • Worried the clients I did have were going to be satisfied with what I delivered
  • Shooting just about anything for the sake of getting paid – even projects that weren’t in alignment with my values or my brand
  • Feeling like I was never good enough… even when clients raved about my work, I always assumed the worst

If you can relate to these challenges, you’re not alone.

I see far too many photographers with beautiful work who are struggling to make it financially

This has nothing to do with the quality of your photos, or how hard you work.

You have the desire, the ability and the drive to be successful.

What you need are the business and marketing tools to help you find and attract your ideal clients… and deliver in a way that makes them eager to come back – and tell ALL their friends to work with you. That’s why I’ve created…

a 10-week one on one mentorship 


It’s taken me countless programs and years of practice to get to where I am today and I want to help you do it in a fraction of the time.

You’ll Boogie Yourself Away from this mentorship with 

  • Confidence in your ability to earn an income as a personal branding photographer
  • Immediate strategies and action items that will start getting you leads and the ability to generate more when you want them
  • Proven-to-work sales scripts, marketing templates and systems that can help free you up to focus more on what you love: taking photos!
  • Clarity about your packages, pricing & marketing… and attracting more of your dream clients
  • Understanding what your clients really want… and how to deliver an experience + final product they will absolutely RAVE about
  • Knowing best strategies and *insider tips* for everything from location scouting and telling stories with your photos – to how to build credibility and create raving fans
  • All my tricks and tips for creating successful Personal Branding Photos from posing to props to bringing out your clients authenticity

Sound like what you are wanting? Great, read on!


Designed to give you maximum accountability and weekly action steps custom designed to your needs. With 6 bi-weekly hour long calls, content and practices, I will guide you through a custom mentorship designed to optimize for your success. Your unique set of modules may include creating an offer that appeals to your ideal client and how to market it, turning inquiries into sales, creating efficient systems that allow you to do more of the work you love, organizing your time and resources to best serve your life and business and how to create Magazine Quality Images that capture the essence of your client. In addition, you’ll receive a copy of the Art & Business of Personal Branding Workbook, a comprehensive guidebook that includs all aspects of how we market, sell and fulfill. PLUS unlimited email access to me throughout the mentorship, have a question about an email or sending or an inquiry, I’m here to help however I can. You get all the support I can give to take your business to the next level now.

Investment for the 10-week Mentorship is $2950 if Paid in Full or 3 payments of $1150

The Business of Personal Branding Photography Mentorship is available to a select number of participants each year. To discover if our working together is the right fit, please start by clicking here to complete an application. 


“I feel like a new (business) woman. My confidence has soared and I feel like I have all the tools to make this business work…and thrive! The whole masterclass workshop has been a life changer for me and my business. Initially I was hesitant to fly across the continent to do this. Especially when you’re running a small business – every penny counts! And every penny I did spend on this experience was worth a million. In addition to the expansive knowledge and tips that we were taught, it was so valuable to know that this is possible for me. Seeing a woman who is a leader, gorgeous soul and killin’ it in this business was so empowering.”

“I left my 9-5 with a very specific vision for the work that I wanted to do. Many people in my life questioned it. But after meeting Wendy and taking this masterclass, it was SO affirming that my dreams are possible. That this work is desired and needed. Work that can transform lives and also be profitable! I walked away with WAY more than I thought I would. And it wasn’t just the individual pieces (which were super valuable on their own), but it’s the way Wendy approaches the business as a whole.” 

“Wendy gave the right amount of information, strategies, tactics and guidance. I was surprised at how much I was able to grow and transform my business in such a short period of time. Learning to use her sales technique has been a game changer and I’m surprised at how different and easier it feels to book clients. In addition, I feel more capable of delivering great results and attracting clients I want to work with then ever before.”

“Way exceeded my expectations!  Wendy was so generous with the in-depth, practical, and supportive experience/knowledge. Not only did I get value from hands-on experience, but I also walked away truly invigorated and on FIRE with great tools in my pocket that I have been applying to all aspects of my business, like amazing sales techniques and marketing strategies. Seriously worth every penny!”


Is it your turn to start getting the kind of results that make you feel drop to your knees grateful? Then let me help get you there and together we will celebrate having the kind of careers that we thought existed only in our dreams. Apply today to discover if the 10 week mentorship is right for you!

To you and living your life full out!




p.s You Rock!