My husband, Mike and I met Wendy on a rainy December evening in 2012.  The moment I met her I knew she was “The One”; the one who would be the best photographer to capture our wedding. She answered all our questions, showed us sample albums and asked us questions that showed her professional and artistic side and how she incorporates personal touches in capturing the feeling of a wedding.  She took extra time to ask us questions so that she can fully incorporate what we wanted her to capture.   We had a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta and wanted Wendy to capture the wedding plus a few events prior to the wedding.  She did her homework in advance, coordinated with the wedding videographer and wedding coordinator and she kept me updated on what i needed to know.  Wendy captures great photos, but she also has a great gift of capturing moments.  When i saw one of the photos that she took of my husband and I prior to the ceremony – the facial expression on my face truly captured what i was feeling at that moment.  She did not just tell us to pose – she guided us to be vulnerable and show our emotions.  Our family and friends loved Wendy!

From the first time I met Wendy, I knew it would be a perfect fit. Wendy radiates warmth, kindness and a joyful attitude. She and her staff flew to our destination wedding in Jackson Hole. Her professionalism, flexibility, guidance and creativity were much needed when an unexpected snow storm descended on our September wedding. Wendy captured beautiful images of our perfect day in all of its different tones; love, elegance, drama, fun, celebration and even moments of intimacy captured in a quick glance. I still swoon in amazement at the beauty of our photographs from our wedding day. She truly captured it all.

We have had the ultimate honor of having Wendy as our photographer for our engagement photos, our wedding, and family portraits.  I knew that we had to have the best wedding photographer because my husband and I have always been nervous in front of the camera, and we would have these photos for the rest of our lives.  Through a friend, I discovered Wendy’s work, and I contacted her immediately for a consultation.  From our first meeting, we knew she would be our photographer.  She was able to capture amazing, organic photos of our wedding day, and every time I look through the album, I am reliving our day.  Wendy had the ability to make my husband and I comfortable in front of the camera, and thanks to her, we have never looked so good in photographs!  Wendy is not only one of the most talented photographers I know, but she is a genuinely kind and sweet person.  We look forward to working with her again!

We are very grateful that Wendy captured all the memories and emotions we wanted to remember from our pre-wedding events and the the day of the Wedding.  It reminds us of the love we have for each other and the love and support we received from all our family and friends who were there with us.

Wendy was able to create a space where my husband and I were palpably present to our love for each other and the photographs captured just that. There were moments where she would tell my partner to whisper what he loved most about me and I would beam at him, and the photographs captured the love and passion between us like I couldn’t have imagined.

Wendy emanates warmth and positivity and it just makes you smile to be around her! The day of the wedding, we had no concerns about her getting the pictures we wanted from our very special day. To this day guests from our wedding comment on how great our photographer was!! How often do you hear guests comment on the photographer?!! Most importantly, our pictures are divine. Wendy captured the moment and made us all look beautiful. We cannot recommend Wendy enough.

The minute we sat down with Wendy we knew she was the one. There’s something magical about her – she’s incredibly talented, kind and completely genuine. And her photos? Words cannot describe. Her style was exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t want prom-style, posed, awkward photos. We wanted candid photos that told our story and captured all the nerves, excitement and joy of our wedding day. That’s exactly what we got.

Since our wedding in May 2007, I have shown off our photos to practically everyone and consistently receive the same feedback – Your pictures are sensational! If you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding in a way that captures and illuminates the spirit of the day and makes it come alive, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only are Wendy’s photos amazing, her presence is incredible. Wendy photographed our wedding and fully delivered. The quality of every image is flawless. She takes photos at all angles and in different light, which allows her to present pictures from different perspectives, so that you have a choice for every captured moment. Wendy has an amazing personality that makes every interaction positive. Our planning meeting with her was fantastic and she actually helped us streamline our timeline, which improved the flow of everything. She easily moved through the day putting everyone right at ease. Having just gotten married, I cannot stress how important a good wedding photographer is, and Wendy is THE BEST.

Wendy has a real talent in what she does. She photographed my wedding in Berkeley and I can not stop looking at all the pictures she took! I am thrilled WAY beyond expectation! I recommend Wendy wholeheartedly for any event you want photographed to perfection!

Wendy is an extraordinary practitioner of her craft. Looking through our wedding photos I can’t help but be impressed by how she captured the key moments – the large landscapes and the small intimate details.   In some shots she staged us to stand a certain way, put our hand a certain way – and now I see why. I never would have thought of it, but they WORK! I’ve gotten many compliments about how well Wendy handled my family and the various members of the wedding party. It couldn’t have been easy with 20 of us, but she made it look effortless, even fun. My wife and I both give Wendy 5 stars in all areas – attitude and disposition, joy of being around, ability to manage family and wedding party, shot composition, technical skill, and photo choice and editing. I want to have another party or event, just so she can capture it, it’s been that much fun working with her!

Wendy made everyone feel at ease and as a result we got spectacular photos. She’s so zen that we didn’t even notice her throughout the wedding–perfect for those photojournalistic shots that most promise and few deliver. Her work is one of a kind and she has an awesome energy that you want surrounding you on your wedding day.

If you’re camera shy then Wendy is your go-to person. Wendy has great energy, which makes the photo session very comfortable. Furthermore I was impressed by her enthusiasm and work ethic. And the pictures were fantastic!

I am so, so happy with Wendy’s work, she captured candid, beautiful shots and set up shots, all done artfully. I come from a design background and was worried my pictures may come out looking staged or the right shots wouldn’t be taken – Wendy more than proved me wrong as all the photographs were right on with beautiful lighting and angles. My wedding was beautiful, and some of the pictures make it look more beautiful than it actually was! Not only is her work great, Wendy is incredibly easy to work with. Planning my wedding cross coast, I barely had time to meet or go over any details, Wendy helped us figure out what we needed. On the day of, she was very professional and even though we had lots of family members getting in the way with their own cameras, she easily managed the chaos while getting great shots I didn’t even know she was taking!

My husband and I are incredibly grateful. The day went by so quickly and even though we barely had time to take it all in- we now have Wendy’s beautiful photographs to look back on.

Not only is Wendy an immensely talented photographer, she is a delight to be around! Having her be a part of your day will make it amazing and then her photographs will inspire you every day after; she is the perfect person to capture important moments of your life. Just before our wedding Wendy shot our Madly in Love Session portraits, it was a blast and the pictures were priceless. I trusted her implicitly throughout our shoot before the wedding and the pictures were everything I could have wanted and more. So, on the day of my wedding I just followed her lead, I knew I could trust her and I also felt really happy having her there. She was hilarious while my bridesmaids and I were getting ready and so patient when doing all of the family portraits. Also, during the wedding and Ceremony Wendy and her assistant were like ninjas – I never even knew they were there! Wendy was so much fun to be around and really added to our day but even more then that she captured how epic our wedding was for us.

Working with Wendy was a wonderful experience from start to finish. From our initial meeting to numerous planning phone calls and emails – Wendy was always super responsive and eager to help make our wedding wonderful. Day-of she was full of energy. Our wedding party and guests loved her. She captured so many fabulous shots and as my dad put it, “I am amazed at how she was able to capture the love and spirit of the day in photographs,

My husband and I choose Wendy as our wedding photographer for our ceremony in October of 2008.  During that time she asked us questions about what we were looking for, got to know us, and what we pictured for our day.  Her photos were gorgeous and she shoots in photo journalistic style which we were thrilled about. We were very comfortable with Wendy from the start and knew our photos would be amazing.  The day of the wedding she and her assistant were there as we were arriving, and took photos from start to finish.  We barely knew Wendy was there as her style is not to intrude but rather to capture everyone in the moment without having to stop and pose. Wendy captured amazing moments for us and made everyone feel comfortable with the process.

I met Wendy at The City Club Wedding Event and instantly knew that I needed her as my photographer. I asked her tons of questions and looked at many of her pictures more for formality so I didn’t seem too overzealous, but the truth was you just connect with her right off the bat. My fiancee and I most recently did our Engagement Session which to Wendy is the Madly in Love Session (too cute, right?). Wendy was amazing. She made my fiancee and I completely comfortable in front of the camera as she maneuvered through rocks and such. What deeply impressed us was the fact that she had never shot at the location we were before, but we would have never know had we not asked. She seemed completely at ease and in her element as if she had done tons of shoots there before. As most brides hopefully do, I ask tons of questions and frequently shoot all of my vendors one off emails as an idea pops into my head. Wendy has responded to each of my emails promptly with an enthusiastic answer. She always work with me and my schedule and my ideas yet provides the perfect level of creativity in your requests. We recently got a snapshot of our engagement pictures and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Ten stars, a hundred stars — Wendy photographed our wedding and we are so pleased with her beautiful work. She is wonderful to work with as well, with her calm engaged energy. We had a very small wedding and her presence was completely un-intrusive as she captured the spirit of our day. And it’s not just us–earlier in 2009 I had the chance to watch Wendy in action at another wedding and were amazed by her talent. If you need a photographer — and not just for a wedding but any special moments you want remembered — you should be calling Wendy K. Yalom.

Wendy is incredibly friendly and does a great job of putting you at ease. Wendy and her assistant seemingly blended into the background for the entire wedding. Her pictures show that she captured everything and the pictures are beautiful. We took a couple of stops around the city on the way to the reception with the wedding party, and she perfectly captured the essence of the wedding. Wendy gave us photos from the wedding that are artistic, candid, and classic. We highly recommend Wendy for wedding photography!

Wendy ensured that our beautiful wedding was captured perfectly. She took so much time with us before the event to go over details and check in with us about style, special guests, etc.  On site, she was uber professional, warm and yet never an interfering presence.  I can’t imagine a better choice for a bride and groom, or anyone hosting an event they want to remember forever!  Don’t hesitate – book her now!

Wendy is the EXACT person you want to have around on your wedding day! When you think about it, besides the person you’re marrying, the photographer is the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day.  Wendy fits the role as number three perfectly! Wendy is a great photographer, which we already knew coming into the wedding. We were really happy with how our engagement photos turned out–we were both dreading that entire experience for weeks, but when it finally came, we had an awesome time. It was like hanging out with a friend, but ending up with fantastic photos.For our wedding, Wendy showed up and got right to work, said some words to calm me down, gave me some pointers for taking good pictures and was really in tune with the energy of the group. She was what I can only refer to as masterful in giving direction when we were taking the family and wedding party photos, and I love her for that!Wendy whisked us away between plates during dinner so she could catch the sunset–these are some of my favorite pics from the entire wedding. She’ s very, very thoughtful about getting the right shots in while still being respectful of our limited time to enjoy the day. She even came up to Napa a few days prior to scout the location–that’s full service, right there. All in all, Wendy is the perfect wedding photographer. There for you when you need here with soothing words and positive energy, while knowing when to fade into the background when you don’t want to feel like someone’s pointing a camera in your face all night. Not to mention, everyone loved her–we heard a lot of really positive feedback from our guests about how fun Wendy is.Added bonus: we got our photos back incredibly quickly (and they’re fantastic).

Wendy rocks!!!In Nov 2003 Wendy photographed our wedding.  Looking for a combination of both posed and candid photo’s we hoped to capture the individual moments of happiness we shared with our guests as well as love for each other we were expressing.Wendy was fabulous, we didn’t notice her throughout the ceremony or reception, but when you see the pictures it seems as if she was everywhere.  We loved everything so much that when our son was born in January 2006, we hired Wendy again to take family portraits.  Again, we were very happy with the results and the commitment, flexibility and professionalism Wendy has shown.  I will always happily recommend her to anyone looking for a professional photographer.

Wendy is the shizz! I hate your typical posey-posey wedding shots and on top of that didn’t want to spend a ton of time taking millions of photographs post ceremony. And on top of THAT I refused to see my husband until the ceremony so Wendy only had a twenty minute block of time to take the required wedding party group shots. She handled it all beautifully and got amazing pictures. She was great with dealing with people and directing them to different locations. If you are looking for a photographer with a great photojournalistic style who captures stuff you ACTUALLY do on your wedding day (as opposed to standing on a cliff staring off into the sunset, really, WHO DOES THAT?) then Wendy is your girl. Love her!

Wendy accomplished everything we wanted and more effortlessly. She has such positive energy, enjoys what she does and has a true passion for it. We cannot recommend Wendy enough. She was amazing at our wedding and the photos show how greatly talented she is.